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Vitalan Medical Lab Services | Phone +49-9745-91910 | Am Weissen Haus 10 | 97772 Wildflecken | Germany

Dear Visitor,

thank you very much for visting our Website Vitalan Medical Lab Services, we appreciate your Interest. Vitalan is a specialized medical Laboratory with holistic-naturopathic Point of View, offering Services not offered by conventional Laboratories.
Our Motto is "Reports that tell more !"

Our Profile is:
Progressive with a lot of Stool-Parameters offered exclusive,
e.g. Neurotransmitters (Histamine, Serotonine, Dopamine),
mucosal Immunity (Secretory IgA-1 and IgA-2, Defensine, Enteral IgE and IgG),
Problem solving with objective Therapy Recommendations for out-diagnosed and out-therapied Patients,
Personalized with individual Service.

For Questions contact me directly by Phone +49-9745-91910
or Email  rosler(at)vitalan(dot)de.

Sincerely, Dr. Peter Rosler